n. (pl. -ses ) introduction of sound into word; removal of vowel into preceding syllable.
   ♦ epenthesize, v.t.
   ♦ epenthetic, a.

Dictionary of difficult words. 2015.

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  • Epenthesis — E*pen the*sis, n.; pl. {Epentheses}. [L., fr. Gr. ?; epi + ? to put or set in.] (Gram.) The insertion of a letter or a sound in the body of a word; as, the b in nimble from AS. n[=e]mol. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Epenthĕsis — (gr.), etymologische Figur, die Einschiebung eines Buchstabens od. einer Sylbe in die Mitte eines Wortes; z.B. Alcumena für Alcmene. Davon Epenthetisch eingeschaltet …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

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  • Epenthesis — In phonology, epenthesis (IPA|/əˈpɛnθəsɪs/, Ancient Greek ἐπένθεσις epenthesis, from epi on + en in + thesis putting ) is the addition of one or more sounds to a word, especially to the interior of a word. Epenthesis may be divided into two types …   Wikipedia

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  • Epenthesis — Ep|ẹn|the|sis auch: E|pẹn|the|sis 〈f.; Gen.: , Pl.: the|sen; Sprachw.〉 = Epenthese …   Lexikalische Deutsches Wörterbuch

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